Green bean


GNP 11001

Medium vigorous plant, compact, erect and very healthy. The fruit is medium dark bright green, 14-15 cm long and 7,5-8 mm thick. The plant has a good production continuity, suitable for manual harvest and fresh market. Good cold tolerance.


GNP 11002

Medium vigorous plant with erect habit of medium early precocity. The fruits are 7-7,5 mm thick and 15 cm long, the fruit colour is medium dark bright green. The maturity is concentrate and the production is very good. Good fruit setting with hot condition. Suitable for processing.


GNP 11003

Vigorous and tall plant with a medium early maturity. The fruit is medium dark bright green with a size of 7,5-8 mm thick and 15-16 cm long. The variety is suitable for fresh market and manual harvest. The production is very good and stable. Very good hot setting.